Monthly Archives: January 2011

Spread the Love: part 2

“Oh dear… Peep-Peep looks quite angry about Valentine’s day! Maybe he didn’t get enough lovin in the egg? Maybe that birdy he had an eye on went for another birdy? Or maybe he’s just fed up with the smooching that’s going on without him? But for whatever reason he’s feeling pretty angry and  hopefully you [...]

Spread the Love

Valentine’s Day Peep-Peep has finally hatched and is ready for some lovin! I just can’t handle the cuteness that is happening here! There are two different color Peep-Peeps to choose from and different colored heart “candies”. They just want to make you smile and feel loved. They are available as pins and barrettes. Check out [...]

Hitting the Ground Running

Wow… is it just me or is this year already flying by? Getting all my show applications together and feeling pretty pumped. At the moment I am still hatching some Valentine’s Day Peep-Peeps, and yes they are still making me laugh every time one is finished. I can’t help myself… seeing their lil faces and [...]

Welcome to the New Year!

Well we made it through another year! I hope you had such a wonderful year as I did with wearableJULES. I had a blast traveling, meeting wonderful artists and craft enthusiasts, and of course making this past year. Things to look forward to this year with wearableJULES, first a new website store so you can [...]