Monthly Archives: February 2011

What a Weekend!

Wowee! Seriously I am still recovering from the 4 day Baltimore ACC show… Peep-Peeps were flying left and right to good homes. Even cooler than that, I am listed in the Jewelry section on the American Craft Mag Blog under Juleann Benkoski! I was so excited to see this online. There are some other events [...]

Baltimore ACC Alt Craft

That’s right… GET PEEPED at the Baltimore American Craft Council Show this Thursday through Sunday at the Baltimore Convention Center! Peep-Peep will be in all the color options plus a special Alt Craft color, the Eggplant Peep-Peep. I normally do not offer Peep-Peep in this color, so be prepared to get your Peep-Peeps… especially since [...]

This is the Year!

So I am pretty pumped for 2011! This is wearableJULES 2nd official year and only 2 months into the 2011 I have 9 events lined up, with even more applications floating about. Be sure to check back often to see where wearableJULES will be next! Want wearableJULES in your location?… know of a good show [...]

Spread the Love: Finale

It has certainly been a week of work work work. As I had said last week I wanted to show you the new One-of-a-Kind piece I have been working on for the past few weeks. It’s almost done too, only several more hours of pizzazing, but this is a sneak peak for you. The bottom [...]

Spread the Love: part 3

This is the weeist little Peeplet ever… yes that’s my finger the Peeplet is sitting on. Peeplets are Peep-Peeps that haven’t grown up yet. If this lil guy doesn’t give you a warm feeling inside, I don’t know what will!