Monthly Archives: March 2011

Hopping for Spring: part one

Wahoooo! April is so close and you know what that means…. Peep-Peep mania! Make sure you adopt your Seasonal Peep-Peeps while they are around. The Yellow Peep-Peep is exclusive for Easter. Adopt yours today at The Pottery Works or on the online store within the next few days. Oh and have you checked out the online store lately? SURPRISE!!! The

Get Ready for the Excitement!

The Easter Peep-Peep is officially here!! These little yellow cuties come as originals or with a blue, white, or pink Easter Egg. These are available at The Pottery Works/Bead Works or on the online store. The yellow Peep-Peep is exclusive for Easter so adopt yours today before they all fly away.

RAW: unearthed

Well… finally got those pesky taxes done. How about yourself? I feel that I am still recovering from a weekend of non stop number crunching. Now that they are done, I will be able to finish hatching the elusive Yellow Peep-Peep that will only be available for Easter. Also… April Showers bring Peep-Peep Flowers are hatching too! Get ready to giggle, awwwwwww, and just loose control when you see these little cutey patoots!

Family & Friends: Marne Ryan

What a lovely weekend. I had the privilege of spending time with a dear friend, mentor, and of course an amazing metalsmith, Marne Ryan (the above is website photo of her sake cups). During the Germantown Friends School Craft Show, I helped Marne in her booth, which of course yes I played with all of her luxurious jewelry. After a long day of selling, her friends welcomed me into their home, we watched a movie, ate chips, drank a beer, and just enjoyed each other’s company. Besides being my own boss, this is what I truly love being in the artist community, you never know who you will meet and spend time with. I feel so blessed to be meeting such extraordinary people through my early career as an artist, but it gets me so excited and pumped for the years to come.