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Crafty Balboa

I don’t know about you but last week with all the rain I took a much needed sabbatical from work and kept it all about me… meaning sleep. Officially this past weekend, Easter weekend, was my last weekend off until August! There is a craft show planned for every weekend but two for two of my friends’ weddings (and for one I am making their wedding rings, I am so incredibly honored to be apart of their lives). So, I am very excited and pumped for this year for wearableJULES… a little overwhelming at times but still amazing. With 16 shows and counting… making more One-of-a-kind pieces for a special event (I’ll tell you later when I have all the details)… and well of course planning my wedding, I feel this year is already over.

So what’s the next event?! Crafty Balboa: April Showers! I love going to Philly for many reasons but I always have such a good time with the people there. Remember… this will be the last event you can adopt the exclusive Yellow Peep-Peep. After this Saturday they will be in hibernation until next Easter. But hey no worries… the April Showers Bring PEEP Flowers will still be available, and how completely perfect for this event. I am still working on gett

Hopping for Spring: part four

Well… I survived the crazy weekend of Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, PA and then to Spring Bada-Bing in Richmond, VA! It was absolutely fantastic to see other artists I am getting to know in the craft circuit. I luckily had a wonderful assistant so I was able to check out the other vendors and get to see in person the last Fave Gifts to Give:Hopping for Spring!

Here we go… Check these Fave Gifts To Give:Hopping for Spring for your Easter Baskets. Wow Easter is this Sunday!

My New Favorite Hat: Hooktastic Designs

Newest Creature Family Member: Mr. Sogs

Hopping For Spring:part three

April Sowers Bring Peep Flowers! These little cuties make me giggle every time I hatch one up. These Peep-Peeps have a flower costume on just in time for spring. These will be premiered at Handmade Arcade (Pittsburgh PA) this Saturday, April 16 and Spring Bada-Bing (Richmond, VA) Sunday, April 17. There are a limited quantity until next spring… so pick yours this weekend. If you are in the Lancaster PA area you are in luck! You can pick a fresh Peep Flower at Pottery Works in Downtown Lancaster. Or go to the online store. Spring has sprung.

Now for the next Fave Gifts to Give: Hopping for Spring. Take a look at these stores for your Easter Baskets!

Baby Bunny Ears: Belle Baby Boutique

Friendly Animals: Millie Fern Originals

Colorful Wears: Block Party Press

Hopping for Spring: part two

RAW:unearthed is only two days away! I am so incredibly pumped for this event. 18 artists will be together at the G-Lounge in Philly for an eclectic artistic showcase. Still need a ticket? Please contact wearableJULES and I will see what I can do for you. Other fun filled events… Getting Peeped for this Easter is in full swing! Easter Peep-Peeps are being hatched left and right and want to be adopted by you. Check out your cutie online.

On another note, if you haven’t read the earlier post about The Radical Jewelry Makeover, please check THIS POST. They still need your help and support. This project if very dear to my heart. Please show your support by donating whatever you can to get the next event going! Funds are due by the end of April, so if you can spread the love and support this worth wild project I know the founders would greatly appreciate it. To donate click