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Gunpowder River Artfest

Ok… well after a long weekend of Friday set up and worrying if my tent was still there (lets just say my neighbors who anchored the tent by using nails into the street had the nails pull up from the night of ridiculous wind and rain), Saturday pouring rain, Sunday being somewhat perfect, to Monday being beyond hot… it was a wonderful show. Thank you to everyone who trekked the crazy holiday weekend weather! Next on the list of crafty weekends… The Gunpowder River Artfest. There will be 60+ art vendors, live music, food, wine and beer tasting… what more could you want? Hope to see you out and about for what seems to be a great laid back event =)

Make sure to check out the online store! I am currently working on putting new products online. Just added Peep-Peep Cluster Pins and Peep-Peep Cuff Links in 5 different color options.

Random Thought: Where Does the Time Go?

The Partiot-News Artsfest

So how did this past weekend go? Well besides being a wonderfully fun and friendly show… it was SUNNY!! Finally the sun made an appearance for the Trenton Ave. Arts Festival. I don’t know about you but all this rain is making me very sleepy and not want to get out of bed. I am taking every possible ray of sun and getting work done before the next few days of rain. Again I ask, let’s keep our fingers crossed for sun during The Patriot-News Artsfest this weekend. wearableJULES will be showing for the first time at this show (booth 81)… why go to the beach when you can enjoy a weekend filled with art, music, and food?!

Random Thought: Why So Expensive?

During the show this past weekend I had a moment with a young girl (I want to guess around 10). As she was looking at my jewelry

Trenton Avenue Arts Festival

Well after an extremely soggy Italian Market Festival (bummer) this weekend is looking like it will be sunny… lets keep our fingers crossed. This Saturday wearableJULES will be attending the Trenton Ave Arts Festival! wearableJULES BABY will also be available during this show, perfect for all the wee little ones in your life. April Showers Bring Peep Flowers are still available for you, but make sure you adopt yours soon because they will be going into hibernation until next April on June 21 (the official start of summer wow can you believe how fast this year is going?).

Random side note: A lovely woman had told me about Sloane Tannen’s

Italain Market Festival

Wow another wonderful weekend in Lancaster City. This year’s spring art walk was amazingly fun and beautiful, it’s exciting to see the art scene grow every year here. It was lovely seeing familiar faces and new ones too! The Early Bird Crew and of course the Peep-Peeps were a big hit.

Next up on the list of events… Back to Philly I go! wearableJULES will be booth #62 for the Italian Market Festival. This will be the first time I am attending this market, and from friends’ responses,

PA Guild Handmade Market

What a fun filled weekend! On Saturday, wearableJULES attended the Crafty Balboa: April Showers show in Passyunk Philadelphia. It was a little chilly at first but once the sun came out, the day was absolutely beautiful. wearableJULES BABY was a big hit for the day with baby Birtys, Hoolas, and Tillys flying home to wee little ones. wearableJULES BABY will start to be available on the online store by the end of May.

What else happened at the April Showers event? Well, I was able to see my high school classmate and friend Maureen Duffy. Her jewelry designs are fabulously fun (I even got to trade with her for a pair of shoes pin). Check out her jewelry HERE. I also had a wonderful neighbor, Kathryn Kelly Workshop, for the show, which really helps the day go by fast when you get to giggle all day long and well… she fed me chocolate all day too. So as far as I am concerned she’s on my top list of crafty neighbors. She makes silkscreened stationary… my personal favorite “Im sorry for being so salty”. We also traded (can you tell I LOVE to trade?!) even though I feel I got the better end of the deal: a few cards for a quick ride home. How amazing to be apart of an artist community. You meet new and interesting people almost every weekend and you generally see them multiple times a year at shows. In one day or weekend you become friends. I would not trade this for anything… even though I love trading =). I <3 what I do.