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Ok… can I have a drum role please!!! Introducing wearableJULES BABY is officially up online on both the wearableJULES store & Etsy shop. Since each onesie has several color and bird combinations, each store has different options. I am extremely excited about having these cuties up for purchase. Each onesie is hand dyed with a fleece birdy (that matches The Early Bird Crew jewelry line). These have been kid tested, and yes mother approved. If you want a different color combination please contact and we can discuss your perfect onesie.

More news weeeee!!! My friend’s are getting married this weekend. Last week they came and visited me in Lancaster to pick up their wedding bands. Maybe it’s just me, but I was extremely nervous if they would like the bands or not. Before they had even seen them, they assured me that they love my work and of course they would love whatever I would make. But to me, I’m not just making a ring… these rings are so symbolic and will be worn everyday. I am sure I will be just as nervous making my own wedding bands, yep that’s another thing on my “to do list” before September.

A Very Crafty Wedding: So if you haven’t figured it out by the last sentence, I am getting married in September to the love of my life, Joe (ten years and counting). I figured it would be fun to share some things that we are doing for our wedding =) Since we are both artists, he’s an animator, we are doing things a little out of the “norm.” To start… cake mmmm (I am hungry can you tell?) Here’s a fun little story. Joe and I write each other post it notes and post them on our bathroom mirror (the only secure location we both know we will see the note). The funny part about it, we have yet to throw one away, so the notes just keep getting added to our bathroom wall. The notes range from “I love you oodles of ramen” to “Oh hammer where for art thou?” Apparently they are a big hit with our friends because any time there is a new note or if its the first time they visit our bathroom we always get comments about them “ooooo! a new note!!” or “I like them but what’s up with the notes?” What does this have to do with cake? Our friend, Jordan of Jordy Cakes, (since she is making our cake) suggested our top layer be our favorite notes. She will make them into a design but it will read all of our favorite notes throughout the years. I thought it was an absolutely perfect and completely us idea.

Next Show: Manayunk Arts Festival June 25-26. wearableJULES booth is under as Juleann Benkoski (me) number 58B.

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