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18th Annual Hamilton Street Festival

Next week I will not be blogging due to my yearly summer camp working with some wonderful young ladies =D I am really pumped for this year of camp, but then realized I would not be able to blog (since it’s an overnight camp with no technology). I figured it would be smart to let you know of the new show added to my list of events. This one will be the last one before the big day in September. So the next show will be a one day show on Saturday July 30th in Baltimore for the Hamilton Street Festival. There will be multiple stages, food, crafters, and appareantly some beautiful cars. The show runs from 11am-7pm. It is sure to be a blast… even if it may be a little toasty out.

wearableJULES BABY: Really exciting news! wearableJULES BABY has its first retail location in McKees PA (real close to Pittsburgh)! The little cuties will be available at the Happy Baby Company in August. Be sure to check them out. Not in the area? No worries, be sure to check out the wearableJULES baby onesies online HERE or ETSY.

A Very Crafty Wedding: Well it is getting close to the date… eeeeeeeeee. So much

A Few Weekends “Off”

She was one HapPeep customer this past weekend! She could not wait to put on her little lavender Peep-Peep Earrings. I don’t know about you but I get so excited when I see people (especially kids) enjoy my work. I think near the holiday season I will have to put a call out for the HapPeepiest customer photos… hmmm I think that will deffinetely have to happen. Not sure what the prize will be but I would love to see what people come up with.

Currently I am in the works to do one more show in a few weekends, but after that I will have some much needed time off of doing shows every weekend to be in the studio. The felted gems are turning out to be my favorite new project. I am also playing around with a few new ideas for felting and different techniques.

Craft Show Review: Haddonfield Crafts & Fine Arts Festival~

Haddonfield Fine Arts Craft Show

Well after a week sabbatical from the computer world it’s back to the grind. This weekend is the Haddonfield Fine Arts Craft Show! This is the second of the Renaissance Craftable shows that wearableJULES will be attending. I have not done this show yet, so I am really excited to check it out and see what the crowd is like. My week “sabbatical” from the computer world meant I was in my studio playing with my Felted Gems. I finally have time to sit and make these really fun pieces which will be apart of a group exhibition in December. Check out their progress on the facebook wearabeJULES fanpage (and heck go ahead and click that “like” button too)

Craft Show Review: Ok now that I have been blogging for a bit and checking out the flow of others, I feel it is worth while to start really sharing the ups and downs of shows with you.