Monthly Archives: August 2011

Back to the Studio

Ok… after a bit of time off from doing my annual summer camp and beach going I am officially back in the real world. Well as much as I can be since the count down to the wedding has begun (less than a month away time flies!). Currently I am working on another gallery exhibit (details to follow once I have them). But lets get down to business….

Craft Show Review: I know it’s been a little bit, but the last show I was in was the Hamilton Street Festival~ to start, load in was a little confusing since there was no one at the barricades on the street, so you kind of needed to figure out how to get onto the street yourself. Once on the street, it was easy to find your spot since it was clearly marked. Attendance was wonderful with many shout outs for wearableJULES, but no one was buying. Good music and food. Since it was only one day and not too long, the heat was bearable (def bring the sunscreen even if under a tent).