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Give Handmade This Holiday Season: part 1

Many things to talk about (since I took a small little break from blogging that’s a whole other story in itself). Topics of today’s post Fave Gifts to Give! Holiday ~ Upcoming Events ~ Craft Show Reviews ~ What’s New

Fave Gifts to Give! Holiday

Wahoo! Another year of Fave Gifts to Give! Holiday. I am pretty excited about this first grouping =) Help support independent artists this year for the Holidays! GIVE HANDMADE

Gorgeous One-of-a-Kind Textiles: Fabricatedends

Wishing I Could Eat These Bath & Body Products: Green Bubble Gorgeous

Reclaimed Fun & Funky Furniture: Never New Furniture & Design

I Now Have 3 Of Their Prints & Counting: Strawberryluna

Colorful Polymer Creatures: Bambi’s Clay Design

Try Not To Be Nostalgic! : Block Buster Graveyard

Upcoming/Current Events ~ Currently wearableJULES Felted Gems Series is being featured i