Monthly Archives: May 2012

Get Ready for Mothers Day!

Next Event ~ Several reasons why I am pretty excited about this weekend! To start its the first PA Guild Show at Rittenhouse Square in Philly (Friday May 11 – Sunday May 13 Booth 126). It will be a weekend of crafting with the Art Star Craft Bazaar happening as well. Don’t have something yet for your mommers? This is the perfect time to grab that last minute handmade gift or even better yet bring her out to the show on Sunday for a just you and her day! Show some love for your mommers this weekend…

We Are Having a Pink Peeplet!

My Little Peeplet ~ How exciting! We are having a little girl =D She is definitely swimming around quite a lot, apparently she’s just like her mama who doesn’t like to sit still for a moment! I can already tell that some of these shows I am signed up for are going to be a bit difficult not buying all sorts of things for her. Just very very excited for this peeplet to join our lives.

Craft Show Review ~ This past weekend was the first craft show of the year for wearableJULES at Crafty Balboa April Showers. This was the second year of attending the show and I have to admit its a lovely indie craft show. There are 45 vendors at the top of their game. The beginning of the show generally runs a little slow but by the last half traffic picks up (both years). This is not a huge money maker, but for the price of the booth + short hours + low overhead = a pretty good show to get your name out there and add a bit of cash for your business. Major downfall is parking… I was lucky enough to get a prime spot but last year took me 45 minutes to find a spot. All in all though I give this show a thumbs up and will hopefully do the show again next year.